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it. and when. yours. the us the winds. the atlantic forest a bit sick of the second lead over st a fingerprint or told me with queen elizabeth the second is an old summit but the minister didn't have a drink before he stepped to the pass is a motion calling for get this bad events of the far left wing hit by progressive party accusing it of promoting north korean ideology is seeking to overthrow the government once the new generation of plastic that stronger and more rigid than the airline has been developed and commercialized in korea. it uses the new material called all the kinks out and will tell you what it takes a look next to me. welcome to primetime years it's to say november fifth here in korea lot from fulltime to pay them come and thank you so much for joining us. we begin with president fox latest news overseas after wrapping up or stayed in paris. hockey is now in london on the second leg of her european tour to get her state visit by attending a welcoming ceremony where she reportedly received the royal treatment from buckingham palace the president's office correspo
the us but others are upset and disappointed. three of its quantitative easing in the next few months since i stamped the stores in georgia at one time. once i knew that her state of over twenty firsts here in korea life from school and keeping them from unpaid so much for joining us. we begin this evening with the revelation of fresh evidence of illegal electioneering by the nation's spy agency the prosecution has uncovered more than one million additional twitter messages by agents of the national intelligence service. i couldn't see her smile the allegations that the national intelligence service medal in elections last year by posting political comments in favor of the conservative ruling party and twitter and other websites are piling up the prosecution announced thursday that the half confirmed the nation's spy agency posted an additional one point two million politically slanted weeks the aim of influencing last year's commentary and presidential election according to prosecutors all of the annuity found co star in violation of the election law and nis law that bans agents from
the nation's intelligence agency in front. i have an appetite for electricity prices as of the race and use the power to overhaul the nation's inefficient energy industry cover and cook and operators that is not crippled. when you are planting into the steel rods to stabilize the site. expert it tells us what's at stake the stores and more. my friend. i'm ten years at least eight nov nineteen here in korea won from solange from wednesday so much for joining us. we began at the national assembly where tensions between the rival parties remain high as that for the first day of applying a problem and requesting session was interrupted by a walkout by opposition party lawmaker its business person but that day and that with little progress. richmond hill reports on the ongoing political impacts the rulings handed authority on the main opposition democratic party continued to bicker over the team he's too bad for a special probe into allegations that state institutions medals in last year's presidential elections tuesday's into police in section at the national assembly was shrouded in confrontat
independence fighters is deeply regrettable. a us official says washington fully support and efforts to boost its self defense powers resume talks in geneva on the prawns nuclear program. what that means begins now. to prime time news it's what a state of ever twentieth year in for a half flight from seoul and see them come and take so much for joining us. we begin at the national assembly on day two of the five day bipartisan investigation section where the nation's security matters for a question by lawmakers matters under scrutiny include the president talking heads north korean policy defense budget for it next year with the correspondents nancy has our top story during the interpol asian session wednesday the second is that governments north korea policy came into question if we label the international community sanctions on iran as one hundred its sanctions on north korea come only to a level of ten. are you aware of this i am all and that there have been questions about the effectiveness of the sanctions. lawmakers from all sin of the ruling party also raise concerns that not all count
seoul and it's an uncommon thing so much for joining us we begin with president aachen is the safety data for official state visit to england where she wasted no time in boosting economic and diplomatic relations. this followed a royal welcome from the evening before where she received the pomp and pageantry of the british royal family the presidential office correspondence lessons to reports from london president says announce the time to take it over yet britain partnership to the higher level by further broadening economic cooperation speaking at the first meeting that the minister level joint economic retreat committee and that every effort to global ceo forum wednesday morning. president that the emphasis on the creative economy calling it a new attention to strengthening economic ties. the president aid korea and britain should carry out the first to realize a creative economy in various fields of hopeful content new digital industries and buy new industries to build what she called it new globally competitive model for growth president also stressed that korean and british com
much for joining us we begin this evening with the escalating tensions in the north east asia region where china and its neighbors are fighting for control of waters in the east and south china sea from south korea's warning of consequences resulting from time as a parent part brad and everything to us setting fire to the disputed so happens that he has our top story what mr you get that fact china's new arrogant and found that overlap with those of kirby and japan will further complicate hot plate in northeast asia. in his keynote speech at a forum on wednesday. korea's top diplomat said that the issue has made them or that it tends to be the environment even cancer and noted that competition and conflict among regional players is growing. apparent act of defiance against ageing latest declaration and the chill of support for its ally japan the us military said tuesday that a plea to the air force b fifty two bombers over disputed islands in the east china sea on monday without announcing themselves. when china set up its new air defense bill last week insisted that the foreign debt
november twenty nine here in korea flight from seoul and nosh on wednesday so much for joining us. we begin this evening with the ongoing geo political standoff over the fence here so that has grown even more intense in this region korean government is mulling over the idea of expanding its airspace control. it seems that the come as early as next month. salon has our top story. the jury and get ammon is currently looking into expanding the nation's interstate it then add in the kitchen ceiling. during these candies exciting given the source is telling based in ghana news agency reported friday that the korean government has been considering in this series tying s unilateral declaration of an air space to dance to it partially go domestic korean territory every man and latrines authorities reported the money will be doing for expansion plans. baxter says and what of the entire t of korean territory. gelato which is located about one hundred and fifty km of the nations that are most at intel. i do. we are examining the matter of extending the korean air defense identification zone now. we ca
much for joining us. we begin this evening in belgium where preston aachen he is spending the final day of her european tour. the korean leader health summit talks with the heads of the european council and the european commission but their prime focus on economic cooperation. the presidential office correspondence was in jail was traveling but the presidents of the stats reports from brussels juliette hughes seven previous history of agreements on economic cooperation. it is not decided to include her ratio which point the european union in july in the korean youth retreat a grievance it's the anti korea's export market in the region research conducted by the korea institute for international economic policy shows her waist is included in the trade pact will increase korean exports to your rap line ten million dollars and imports by two billion dollars for the next five years korea and the eu agreed to share in the benchmark each other's policies in this sector of the creative economy. uluru number of times he gets to have tended to do in iraq will. children and it could be. time now.
for joining us. after a long series of starts and stops the south korean government has made its decision on the country's next generation of fighter jets which come with the advanced stealth technology. according to authorities in new aircraft will be pivotal in the defense system against north korea's growing nuclear threat. kinsey and starts to stop. korea's joint chiefs of staff said friday it will be purchased on e marked at thirty by a stealth fighters as part of the program to replace the air force's aging fleet of fighter jets. that study by the savvy and felt capability when mentioned acts in the major reason for its selection of the threat of north korea in mind he noted too thick to be prepared for possible nuclear and missile threats from north korea if i did get most of the fittest need to carry out the kill chain or a preemptive attack to neutralize any nuclear weapons ole miss aisles when they use these detectives that royalties will be buying forty x sixty. initially proposed to fit within the fighter proposed budget of seven point two billion scholars. the remaining twent
there. it is. the us the us was. the next six or fifty thousand high school seniors and back. riyadh the most crucial by our standard of life decided to accept what is featured on this. it's now until the last leg of a tree if you're even more after that a state visit to britain the high level diplomats that we get high and it can be sold to discuss regional issues. it's our places that they hate and sold leased or sold. with that and the stories of georgia. to find time in its third state november seven here in korea one from school and see them come and take you so much for joining us. we begin this evening with preston pocket is to read nation european trip. the korean leader arrived in belgium less than an hour ago after wrapping up her state visit in britain before her departure she held a bilateral summit but british prime minister david cameron agreed to boost cooperation in developing future growth engines for presidential office correspondence was into the ports the rest of the second day of her state visit to britain by attending it didn't and they tested by roger q
for not meeting the and government house this morning. only the second leg of the odder company. she used to like me had to wrap up the president not to hesitate. the european school work and how it is now leased to a seventies back home. the stores and more text and content. to prime time news it's monday in november eleven here in korea like from full time teaching them some limping so much for joining us. we begin with the epic typhoon disaster in the philippines as many as ten thousand people are believed to have died in the un estimates hundreds of thousands have been left homeless from forty koreans are still missing and in the worst affected area as rescue workers are struggling with no clean water no electricity and very little food again uses crimes law passed away this is the aftermath of typhoon hijack one of the most powerful storms ever recorded the strongest like small structures in its path breaking up lamp posts looking for cards and up and moves off of homes. the death toll has not yet been confirmed at some fairly as hard to reach that number is declining. they treated me so out
's exports. did you use. sale as economic news korea's consumer prices grew at their slowest pace in fourteen years in october saying his ear percent range for a second straight month statistics korea said friday that the nation's inflation rate edged up just zero point seven percent last month from the same period a year earlier slowing from a zero point eight percent gain in september. the figure marks the slowest yearly growth since july nineteen ninety nine when consumer prices grew zero point three percent the agency attributed the slow growth to a drop in the prices of farming and petroleum products. and here's the result of an assessment by the international monetary fund of korea's overall economic conditions the imf has decided to maintain its growth outlook for next year and three point seven percent say it has fared well despite the recent financial turmoil ign reports. thus officials say korea has weathered the recent global uncertainties in financial turmoil relatively well. and it's been a well positioned to both benefit from the global recovery but also withstand any any for th
from seoul and you can hang them from him thanks so much for joining us we begin with the nation's top office on the hot seat the president back in as chief of staff showed up for a column entry on it to answer questions about presidential appointments to fallen apart in recent months and allegations of ethical lapses or political correspondent in nz has our top story. yes on eight of the possession off this thursday. the house steering committee raised a host of concerns. among them have had the administration's issues with personnel appointments accusations of ethical lapse as an apostate number of minister and vice minister level nominee to drop their dates. dealing major blow to the pot administration in its early stages of governance the issue up here. even this week in confirmation hearings the president talks nominee to head the passengers off this is a light board and the welfare ministry but their confirmations remain up in the air. operation lawmakers argued that the jury he failed to allay concerns over at the collapse this may prove their competence for the posts grandstand
from stolen from him thank you so much for joining us. we begin with a high level defense stocks between korea and china held here in seoul over beijing's controversial designation of its military year so despite the government's protest on this thursday china responded by refusing to comply with souls demand for refined sufficient defence minister a correspondent and then pass the teacups. it looks like the ongoing arizona rao in the east pacific region may escalate further. as china is not budging an inch on its newly declared air defense down which overlaps with korea's air defense now during the third round of korea china defense strategy talks between korea's vice defense minister peaks in jail and the deputy chief of china's people's liberation army one one two on thursday school called for a redrawing of china's years now. in a way that doesn't affect korea's national interest the request was turned down china has said it will not accept korea's request from a tufted ears on. money is known to have said china has no intention of making changes to its new arizona as it was
and thank you so much for joining us. we begin with the korea russia summit that took place earlier in the day between president aka name and visiting russian president vladimir putin that is set down for talks on ways to expand bilateral cooperation mainly through rail and port development projects for presidential office correspondence aunt and two has this report the end of this minor rant was sentenced on economic cooperation. the two leaders agreed to support calls participation in a joint railway much as it did work for free at brunch at the fifty four km long railway would run between russia's eastern border town of haas done and the north korean port city of frogging the korean consortium comprised of coverup hospital and had emerged between leicester and passenger branch two hundred million wine or one aged ninety six million dollars in the project. but recovery in cantonese. oh actually take part in this project has yet to be decided but it seemed to participate. but represent an opportunity to initiate freeway projects that north korea and brash and lead the allegation fo
the perfect scene here in korea flight from seoul and you can pay and job and thank you so much for joining us we begin tonight with the probe results on the missing presidential documents from the two thousand seven inter korean summit. the prosecution's months long investigation has come to an aide to former aide still a president the leon were in guided on this friday on charges of deliberately deleting the controversial minutes the kinsey reports prosecutors on friday by two former aides to the president no more time to really get former secretary for foreign affairs and national security and former national security advisor to tony time for deleting an initial draft of the two thousand seven inter korean summit transcript however prosecutors did not indict president knows chief of staff michael j and setting the lack of evidence the transcript became a hot potato in the run up to present reelection last year when the conservative ruling party accused the liberal new administration of conceding the northern limit line to get back to maritime border in the onesie to north korea investigatio
life are full and you see them come and thank you so much for joining us. we begin with the territorial controversy between korea china and japan which just got a bit more complicated korea's defense ministry on tuesday said that japan's air defence zone includes the korean island of monaco which is located near cheque island. ps it came to a head after time that expanded its own borders over the east china sea. this incident has her top story it turns out japan's air defense identification zone not only includes korea the little island but also encourages on the airspace over by until an island located southwest of atlanta. korean defence ministry spokesperson to me to explain this is because japan's every channel and defend john was t mart needed before the united nations convention on the law of the seat was adopted in nineteen eighty two. the un convention has expanded your brain to the country's territory from three not at home whilst each fault nautical miles from its sea bass line stretching japan's air defences down over both in europe the line model. but the spokesperson said.
the evening. yours. the us the alliance the of the ruling and main opposition parties me for spots. while political deadlock but failed to narrow their differences over the state's alleged illegal electioneering. what happened ross national income make it a record high this year at the local currency's appreciation and a rise in gdp. ron and six volt power strength and you could deal with decades old diplomatic standoff took the how the world is reacting to the wet bar complete with hats and patients for north korea's nuclear ambitions the stores and more next time tightly. welcome to prime time news it's monday november twenty fifth year in korea one from full minute to hang them from limping so much for joining us. we begin this evening with president fox reaction to pro north korea remarks by a group of catholic priests over the weekend. the korean leader said that she will tolerating condone any attempts to cause social conflict in the country and uses presidential office correspondents are going to reports. recent remarks by priests from a leftist camp the crew that seemingly
and pay so much for joining us. we begin this evening with the ongoing aftermath in the philippines from typhoon high and while the president of the island nation has declared a state of national calamity relief efforts continue with korea extending a helping hand a foreign affairs correspondent comes home he has to detox kirby and is rushing to help with recovery efforts and the philippines and has decided to spend five million us dollars humanitarian aid to assist the height and torn country. we do with them to join one of the victorian government will work closely with the philippine government to provide full support for rescue efforts in the philippines is not alone we help those people will be able to overcome depression was so fun the decision follows a joint meeting between the government and private sector the vitals foreign ministry on tuesday yes it's been fun having the form of catch and release dates including a flat packed and packed which will be shipped to the region upon the philippine government approval. the ministry has also dispatched an emergency response team compo
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Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)